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ProjectCURATE's mission is to build bridges across cultural divides that unify, inspire, and cultivate a new imagination for how Christians interact with the city, through adaptive learning.

Founded by Travis Reed, The Work of the People is an independent platform that produces and publishes multimedia projects that are intended to stimulate imagination, create discussion, and guide people on their path of transformative discovery. 

Praxis is dedicated to the gathering of ideas, the articulation of brilliant thoughts, and the development of community.  It’s a place to read great essays, listen to interesting podcasts and watch inspiring videos.  It’s also a place to learn about all of the innovative events that are sponsored by the Diocese of Southern Ohio and organized by Praxis communities.

Episcopal Evangelism Society was founded in 1862 and has since grown into a continuous mission based organization working with seminary communities to create opportunities for innovative evangelism. EES is managed by a Board of Directors from across the United States, all having diverse ministry experiences within the Episcopal Church. 

ChurchNext, a ministry of Forward Movement, is a library of online courses, focusing on helping people grow in their spiritual journey. The unique format of ChurchNext allows users to learn what they want and at their own pace. Videos, discussion formats, and quizzes are used to make learning attainable and achievable for everyone, no matter what phase of your spiritual journey you are at.  

With the mission of renewing Christianity, The Center for Progressive Renewal seeks to support new congregations, to strengthen existing churches, and to grow a strong network of progressive ministries that support and encourage one another as they create a more just and generous world. Beginning in 2010, the commitment to developing necessary systems and infrastructure to help churches in effective recruiting has been at the forefront of the mission of Center for Progressive Renewal and they continue to train and coach leaders to have the necessary skills to plant and renew churches. 

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